european affairs

"Guiding dialogue to the best solution"

Give your position the original tone!

Even in digital times nothing replaces authenticity. A constructive dialogue between the various stakeholders is a crucial precondition for creative ideas and better solutions. A dialogue that is capable of bringing considerable benefits to our society.

Otone European Affairs will advise you on how to achieve this by building bridges to different communities within their spaces and by establishing a trusting and reliable dialogue, connecting you to the right interlocutors. In this way Otone optimises your public affairs investments and revitalises your impact in an increasingly diverse and politicised world.

Henning vom Stein, executive partner at Otone European Affairs, has over 25 years of experience in public affairs and in research. With a proven track record of accomplishments in different branches Henning and his partnership will guide your public affairs activities on a different path that opens up new perspectives for you.

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Henning vom Stein